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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Israel's Prawer Plan Withdrawn

On Thursday, December 12th, the Knesset, the Prawer Plan was withdrawn.  Protests and concerns raised about the plan were successful.

The Prawer Plan would have removed over 40,000 Bedouins from their ancestral lands and from communities that they've created, communities which are not recognized by the Government of Israel.  The land in question has been land that the Bedouins have used for centuries.  Protests were held extensively in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory on Saturday, November 30th. There were many protests around the world.

See Jewish Voice for Peace link for more information:

The concern is that the bill will be re-introduced into the Knesset sometime in the future; so while there is cause for celebration, the long term quest for justice is still ongoing.

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