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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Gaza and Palestine

All that is happening to Palestinians in Palestine and Gaza is heartbreaking and frustrating.  As of July 15th, CBC reported that almost 200 Palestinians have been killed and 1 Israeli.  How does the world stand idly by and enable the State of Israel to kill Palestinians by raining bombs down on Gaza?!  We are told by our governments that Israel has a right to defend itself. That's the stance that Harper is taking. But holding to this same logic, Palestine, being recognised by the UN as a sovereign nation--see Canada's policy with respect to Palestine and Gaza--should also be accorded the same right--to defend itself.

Gaza is essentially a prison.  Where do the Palestinians go when IDF bombs are launched?  They are warned to leave their homes.  But where do they go?

Netanyahu has said that because Hamas rejected the truce negotiated by Egypt, the State of Israel will respond more forcefully!  The State of Israel, as the vastly superior military force, has a moral obligation to initiate peace, end the occupation and invite a lasting peace with the Palestinian people.  Do I think this will happen while Netanyahu is in power?  No!  I wish I could say that peace will happen soon.

The State of Israel will not enter into meaningful peace negotiations until the US and other governments, including our own Prime Minister, hold it accountable.  After all, it's in the State of Israel's interest to meaningfully pursue peace.  Peace will not occur if violence is met with more violence.  And because there is no equality with respect to power, meaningful overtures must come from Israel.

In the meantime, I lament the violence and pray for a truce; I lament the deaths.  I continue to pray for an end to the occupation and justice for the Palestinian people.